Membership Application

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    I wish to join the Huon Valley Golf Club Inc and hereby apply to be a member thereof, and agree to be subject to the Rules, Regulations and Constitution of the Club.

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    Payments may be made by electronic funds transfer to the Club’s bank account:

    Account Name: Huon Valley Golf Club Inc
    BSB: 633108
    A/C: 141 889 998

    Membership Types

    See below more info Membership Capitation Total
    Full Member $478 $67 $545
    5 Day $398 $67 $465
    Distance 1 (25-35km) $398 $67 $465
    Distance 2 (Over 35) $358 $67  $425
    Distance 3 (Interstate) $239 $67  $306
    Student & Under 25 $93 $67 $160
    Junior (Under 18) $17 $36 $53
    Over 65 $433 $67 $500
    Over 80 $238 $67 $305
    Social $30 $30

    * Where both husband/wife or partner are full members, a combined discount of $36 applies

    * The club offers a facility to pay subscriptions monthly through a third party (see below)

    Conditions for Membership

    Monthly Direct Debit Facility
    Huon Valley Golf Club Inc. offers members the facility of paying subscriptions by direct monthly debit from their bank account or credit card through a system administered by a third party, Pricap. This option is offered under the condition that a member cannot cancel this facility upon resignation of membership until the full annual subscription has been paid.  Members wishing to cancel this facility are required to pay the outstanding annual subscription amount prior to the cancellation of the deduction authority.  A small monthly fee (currently $3.50) applies to this service and is retained by Pricap. Members wishing to use this service must complete a direct debit form available from the HVGC office.

    Capitation Fees
    Capitation and/or affiliation fees are levied on playing members of the Club by various state and federal golf associations, are compulsory and not applicable to any discount provided by the Club.

    Nomination Fee
    There is no nomination fee payable for members seeking to join the Club during the 2019-20 season.

    Subscription Period
    The Club’s subscription period runs from October 1st to September 30th.  Members joining during the season pay a pro rata subscription calculated from the beginning of the month their membership is approved.

    Membership Category Conditions

    Full Membership
    Entitles members to play in all competitions and have full voting rights. No restrictions on social play.

    Five Day Membership
    Entitles members to play in all competitions other than those played on Saturdays and Tuesdays.  May enter Saturday or Tuesday competitions by remitting the full rate of green fees on the day. Are not entitled to vote at meetings. Note: Players electing to opt to this category of membership will be ineligible for Club ‘Championship” or ‘Monthly Medal’ competitions or Pennant games.

    Distance Membership Category 1
    Based on home residence between 25 -35 Km  travel distance from HVGC .  Full voting and playing rights.

    Distance Membership Category 2
    Based on home residence greater than 35 Km travel distance from HVGC.  Full voting and playing rights.

    Distance Membership Category 3
    Applicable where the member spends 6 months or more interstate or in remote areas due to work, family or other reasons acceptable to the committee.  Full voting and playing rights.

    Any person under the age of 25. Full voting and playing rights. Three-year transitional period to full membership after turning 25 years.

    Membership for those under 18 years of age. Are not entitled to vote at meetings.

    Over 65
    For members 65 years of age and over who are no longer in full time employment. Full voting and playing rights.

    Over 80
    For members 80 years of age and over. Full voting and playing rights.

    Social Member
    A non playing category that entitles members to partake in social activities at the Club. No playing or voting rights.

    N.B The Committee will determine the applicable category for each member and their decision is final.