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Huon Valley Open 2017 Mens Results

By January 23, 2017Featured, Results

What a massive few days at the club! Well done to Bill and all of his wonderful helpers on running such a fantastic event and of course, thank you to all of the wonderful sponsors who make this weekend possible. Please remember to support them whenever you can.

Valley Cup Winner

Winner – Adam Nicholls – 137
Runner Up – Richard Kube – 137

Huon Valley Open

Winner – Richard Kube – 137
Runner Up – Andrew Phillips – 144

Singles Champion Winners

Division 1
1st 18 Hole Gross Winner – Richard Kube – 67
2nd 18 Hole Gross Winner – Richard Kube – 70
1st 18 Hole Nett Winner – Richard Kube – 67
2nd 18 Hole Nett Winner – Adam Nicholls – 65

Division 2
1st 18 Hole Gross Winner – Corey Baker – 81
2nd 18 Hole Gross Winner – John Starr – 80
1st 18 Hole Nett Winner – Ned Trewartha – 67
2nd 18 Hole Nett Winner – Brooke Teale – 69

Division 3
1st 18 Hole Gross Winner – Will Austin – 88
2nd 18 Hole Gross Winner – Will Austin – 88
1st 18 Hole Nett Winner – Will Austin – 69
2nd 18 Hole Nett Winner – Will Austin – 69

1st 18 Hole Gross Winner – Dennis Kelly – 74
2nd 18 Hole Gross Winner – Gary Quarrel – 74
1st 18 Hole Nett Winner – Ned Trewartha – 67
2nd 18 Hole Nett Winner – Gary Quarrel – 69

Overall Winners

Division 1
36 Hole Nett Winner – Adam Nicholls – 137
36 Hole Nett Runner Up – Richard Kube – 137

Division 2
36 Hole Gross Winner – John Starr – 163
36 Hole Gross Runner Up – Ian Halliday – 164
36 Hole Nett Winner – Harvey Flakemore – 141
36 Hole Nett Runner Up – Alan Everson – 142

Division 3
36 Hole Gross Winner – Will Austin – 176
36 Hole Gross Runner Up – John Scott – 182
36 Hole Nett Winner – Will Austin – 138
36 Hole Nett Runner Up – Zac McLaren – 141

36 Hole Gross Winner – Bill Wellington – 155
36 Hole Gross Runner Up – Dennis Kelly – 155
36 Hole Nett Winner – Harvey Flakemore – 141
36 Hole Nett Runner Up – Alan Everson – 142

Nearest to the Pin Winners

Day 1
1st Hole – I Halliday – 122cm
6th Hole – G Griggs – 88cm
10th Hole – G Francis – 115cm
15th Hole – J Hudson – 85cm

Day 2
1st Hole – D Kelly – 28cm
6th Hole – R Kube – 51cm
10th Hole – D Kelly – 314cm
15th Hole – M Dredge – 130cm

Day 1 – Saturday 21 January Results

GradeNameDaily HandicapGA HandicapNett ScoreClub
AKube, Richard0-0.467Tasmania GC
ARumney, Tim66.369Huon Valley GC
AWellington, Marcus77.069Maleny Golf Club
ABurrell, Gus32.569Kingston Beach GC
AEaton, Martin88.169Huon Valley GC
AKelly, Dennis44.170Huon Valley GC
AClark, Craig54.571Wynyard GC
AGriggs, Sebastian76.671Roxby Downs GC
AButt, Adrian22.371Huon Valley GC
AKeough, Mark65.572Huon Valley GC
ACareless, John22.172Huon Valley GC
ANicholls, Adam87.872Smithton GC
ASmith, Shaun22.072Kingston Beach GC
AEwing, Brandon65.473Maleny Golf Club
AGriggs, Geoffrey54.873Beerwah
ANeal, Adam33.073Royal Hobart GC
ACarver, Bradley76.674Dover GC
APhillips, Andrew-2-2.374Tasmania GC
AWellington, Bill32.874Huon Valley GC
AKeough, Mathew54.474Huon Valley GC
ALarratt, Wade98.574Huon Valley GC
AHinder, Anthony98.774Kingston Beach GC
APretyman, David11.075Kingston Beach GC
AEaton, Stuart98.475Huon Valley GC
ACarmichael, Fred87.875New Norfolk GC
ARandle, Stuart22.475Huon Valley GC
AWellington, Blake32.976Maleny Golf Club
ASpaulding, Joshua10.676Tasmania GC
AQuarrell, Garry54.677Claremont GC
ACross, Craig77.378North West Bay GC
ADireen, Simon54.779Huon Valley GC
AKline, Ashley22.280North West Bay GC
AKay, Jamie87.880Wynyard GC
AO'keefe, Craig44.381North West Bay
ADodge, Geoffrey54.882Claremont GC
AJackson, Luke66.082Tasmania GC
ANicholls, Nigel98.783Smithton GC
AFuglsang, Philip65.788Tasmania GC
BTrewartha, Ned1817.167Huon Valley GC
BBaker, Corey1211.369Huon Valley GC
BFlakemore, Harvey1211.569Huon Valley GC
BSavage, Adam1110.570Claremont GC
BAbbott, Geoffrey1716.870Huon Valley GC
BRiseley, Steven1413.570Dover GC
BMillhouse, Brett1716.571Huon Valley GC
BPaul, Robert1615.371Huon Valley GC
BCoad, Nathan1817.371Huon Valley GC
BMagrath, Scott1514.771Huon Valley GC
BHoare, John1514.972Pakenham
BHalliday, Ian109.672Huon Valley GC
BTuson, Dean1312.772Smithton GC
BEverson, Alan1413.572Huon Valley GC
BPaul, Gene1817.373Huon Valley GC
BDoig, Geoff1010.073Tasmania GC
BTaylor, Mark1212.073Huon Valley GC
BKay, Tony1414.173Smithton GC
BStarr, John1010.073Huon Valley GC
BMclaren, Ken1514.974Smithton GC
BKelly, Patrick1413.874Huon Valley GC
BFrost, Peter1211.474Huon Valley GC
BCharlesworth, David1110.774Tasmania GC
BJames, Jimmy1413.875Huon Valley GC
BPaul, Jason109.975Huon Valley GC
BSavage, Trevor1110.775Huon Valley GC
BPayne, Steven1312.775Huon Valley GC
BTeale, Brook1111.176Tasmania GC
BClarke, Rohan1615.676Thirlstane GC
BBurton, Peter1110.577Tasmania GC
BAmor, Red1817.877Huon Valley GC
BClark, Nicholas1211.777Huon Valley GC
BPage, Troy1413.377Huon Valley GC
BOwens, Tony171779Latrobe
BLange, Barry1514.880Huon Valley GC
BBramich, Paul1211.580Smithton GC
BHampson, Owen1312.881Smithton GC
BBurke, Tim1817.882Smithton GC
BFrancis, Gary141483Dover
BEdwards, Beaz1817.283Smithton GC
BEwing, Malcolm1514.684Maleny Golf Club
BDodge, Steven1111.092Claremont GC
CAustin, William1918.769Huon Valley GC
CScott, John2019.669Huon Valley GC
CWoolley, Stacey2221.169Huon Valley GC
CMclaren, Zach2524.870Smithton GC
CMillhouse, Graeme1918.270Huon Valley GC
CHudson, John2221.271Penguin GC
CWoods, Wayne2625.473Smithton GC
CDredge, Michael2423.673Huon Valley GC
CGriggs, Robert2120.074Huon Valley GC
CHoare, Robin2625.274New Norfolk GC
CDay, Russell2322.774Smithton GC
CHills, Brendon2120.774Geeveston
CBrown, Raymond2019.474Dover GC
CWatts, Alan2019.976New Norfolk
CThogersen, Hans2019.276Exeter GC
CSaward, Tony2221.178Smithton GC
CFord, Luke2120.079Huon Valley GC
CBlizzard, Justin2120.580Smithton GC
CRichardson, John3636.481Huon Valley GC
CJoyce, Brian2625.282Smithton GC
CBennett, Wayne2625.783Geeveston GC
CAtkins, Steven2524.686Geeveston GC

Day 2 – Sunday 22 January Results

GradeNameDaily HandicapGA HandicapNett ScoreClub
ANicholls, Adam87.865Smithton GC
AQuarrell, Garry54.669Claremont GC
AWellington, Marcus77.070Maleny Golf Club
AKube, Richard0-0.470Tasmania GC
AEwing, Brandon65.472Maleny Golf Club
AKline, Ashley22.272North West Bay GC
AButt, Adrian22.273Huon Valley GC
APhillips, Andrew-2-2.374Tasmania GC
AKay, Jamie87.874Wynyard GC
ADireen, Simon54.774Huon Valley GC
APretyman, David11.074Kingston Beach GC
AWellington, Bill32.875Huon Valley GC
ASpaulding, Joshua10.675Tasmania GC
ADodge, Geoffrey54.875Claremont GC
AEaton, Stuart98.776Huon Valley GC
AKeough, Mathew54.476Huon Valley GC
ARumney, Tim65.976Huon Valley GC
AJackson, Luke66.076Tasmania GC
ABurrell, Gus32.576Kingston Beach GC
AHinder, Anthony98.776Kingston Beach GC
AKelly, Dennis43.977Huon Valley GC
AWellington, Blake32.977Maleny Golf Club
AEaton, Martin87.677Huon Valley GC
ACross, Craig77.378North West Bay GC
ASmith, Shaun22.078Kingston Beach GC
ANeal, Adam33.078Royal Hobart GC
ANicholls, Nigel98.778Smithton GC
ACarver, Bradley76.679Dover GC
ARandle, Stuart22.479Huon Valley GC
AGriggs, Sebastian76.679Roxby Downs GC
AKeough, Mark65.479Huon Valley GC
AClark, Craig54.579Wynyard GC
AGriggs, Geoffrey54.880Beerwah
ACarmichael, Fred87.880New Norfolk GC
ALarratt, Wade98.582Huon Valley GC
AO'keefe, Craig44.382North West Bay
ACareless, John22.182Huon Valley GC
AFuglsang, Philip65.787Tasmania GC
BTeale, Brook1111.169Tasmania GC
BStarr, John1010.070Huon Valley GC
BEverson, Alan1413.870Huon Valley GC
BPage, Troy1414.071Huon Valley GC
BJames, Jimmy1413.871Huon Valley GC
BCoad, Nathan1817.371Huon Valley GC
BHampson, Owen1312.871Smithton GC
BKelly, Patrick1413.871Huon Valley GC
BTuson, Dean1312.771Smithton GC
BFrost, Peter1211.471Huon Valley GC
BPaul, Jason109.972Huon Valley GC
BKay, Tony1414.172Smithton GC
BHalliday, Ian109.572Huon Valley GC
BFlakemore, Harvey1111.172Huon Valley GC
BPayne, Steven1413.274Huon Valley GC
BMagrath, Scott1514.475Huon Valley GC
BSavage, Trevor1110.775Huon Valley GC
BMclaren, Ken1514.975Smithton GC
BRiseley, Steven1413.575Dover GC
BAbbott, Geoffrey1716.675Huon Valley GC
BPaul, Gene1817.276Huon Valley GC
BCharlesworth, David1110.776Tasmania GC
BBurke, Tim1817.877Smithton GC
BClark, Nicholas1211.777Huon Valley GC
BSavage, Adam1110.577Claremont GC
BTrewartha, Ned1716.877Huon Valley GC
BBaker, Corey1111.178Huon Valley GC
BFrancis, Gary141478Dover
BEdwards, Beaz1817.278Smithton GC
BBurton, Peter1110.578Tasmania GC
BMillhouse, Brett1716.278Huon Valley GC
BTaylor, Mark1211.878Huon Valley GC
BMillhouse, Graeme1817.878Huon Valley GC
BClarke, Rohan1615.678Thirlstane GC
BEwing, Malcolm1514.679Maleny Golf Club
BPaul, Robert1615.480Huon Valley GC
BHoare, John1514.982Pakenham
BAmor, Red1817.882Huon Valley GC
BBramich, Paul1211.583Smithton GC
BLange, Barry1514.986Huon Valley GC
BDoig, Geoff1010.088Tasmania GC
CAustin, William1918.269Huon Valley GC
CDay, Russell2322.770Smithton GC
CBrown, Raymond2019.470Dover GC
CMclaren, Zach2524.871Smithton GC
CHills, Brendon2120.772Geeveston
CWoods, Wayne2625.473Smithton GC
CThogersen, Hans2019.273Exeter GC
CHudson, John2221.273Penguin GC
CScott, John2019.073Huon Valley GC
CSaward, Tony2221.174Smithton GC
CWoolley, Stacey2120.676Huon Valley GC
CDredge, Michael2423.477Huon Valley GC
CHoare, Robin2625.279New Norfolk GC
CRichardson, John3636.479Huon Valley GC
CGriggs, Robert2120.182Huon Valley GC
CAtkins, Steven2524.682Geeveston GC
CWatts, Alan2019.982New Norfolk
CJoyce, Brian2625.286Smithton GC
CBennett, Wayne2625.786Geeveston GC
CBlizzard, Justin2120.590Smithton GC
CFord, Luke2120.0Huon Valley GC