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Huon Valley Open 2020 Mens Results

By January 28, 2020Featured, News

2020 Huon Valley Mens Open

Friends rally to support Tasmanian champion.

With a star studded line-up, including many current and former State players, the golfing event of the year for the Huon Valley Golf Club was always going to be full of excitement with 108 players from across Tasmania and interstate. Everybody was at the Huon Valley Open to play in the Toogood Trophy event and to support local champion Bill “Whippy” Wellington, and with a trophy named in his honour everybody was looking to win.

The first days play saw northern golfing star Craig Hancock and southerner Nathan Gatehouse battle it out to finish joint leaders at 3 under par at the end of the days play. Many contenders were battling it out at around par including local Huon Valley member and multiple Club Champion Adrian Butt.

On the final days play conditions deteriorated slightly with the winds making it increasingly difficult in the afternoon. The par 5s were playing short and provided a chance for the lower handicappers to make up ground on the leaders. Unfortunately Gatehouse succumbed to the conditions posting a 73 and taking him out of contention for the trophy.  A late chase by Wynyard’s Brayden Field, carding an impressive total of 9 birdies, put him in the clubhouse as the early leader at 4 under par for the event and put pressure on the last group as they finished down the final short par 5.  Paul Read had a short putt for the win, and all eyes were on Andrew Phillips as he putted for eagle and the chance to join Read in a  playoff. Phillips agonisingly missed the putt and handed the championship to Paul Read with a 36 hole tournament total of 6 under par.

Paul Read (left) alongside champion Bill Wellington (right)

In Reads speech he mentioned what an honour it was to have his name on a trophy that is named after golfing icon Bill Wellington who holds an impressive state championship record and a total of 23 club championships between Tasmania and Lindisfarne Golf Clubs.

In the Net event, good conditions left the door open for posting some very impressive Net scores. Locals Reece Polley and Stacey Wooley, together with Royal Hobart’s Jeremy Morris, were leading contenders going into the second days play. An impressive final round meant that nobody was catching Morris who posting a gross total of 2 over par and a net total of 10 under par for the event. Morris also said that he felt very privileged to have won an even named after Bill Wellington.

Tasmania Golf Club will also be holding the Bill Wellington Lindisfarne Cup on the 1st and 2nd February.

Michael Webb, Huon Valley Golf Club


2020 Huon Valley Open Results
36 Hole, Par 144
PositionNameHCGross ScorePositionNameHCNet Score
1Paul Read-11381Jeremy Morris9134
2Andrew Phillips-21392Reece Polley19136
3Craig Hancock-41413Guy Wymer32136
4Brayden Field01424Robert Paul13139
5Nathan Gatehouse-21425Brendon Hills21139
6Richard Kube01466Paul Read-1140
7Nik Johns21467Jason Paul10140
8David Pretyman11478Robert Griggs25140
9Matthew Glover-21479Ben Hornsey5141
10Mark Schulze-114710Brayden Field0142
11Jack Lakin115111Braeden Page14142
12Ben Hornsey515112Nik Johns2142
13Marcus Wellington315113Andrew Phillips-2143
14Jeremy Morris915214Craig Clark7143
15Mat Howe415215Steven Payne10143
16Mark Hallam115216Michael Webb7143
17Joshua Hill-115517William Williamson23143
18Adrian Butt315618Mat Howe4144
19Stuart Randle515719Nathan Coad10144
20Craig Clark715720Stacey Woolley22144
21Michael Webb715721Heath Lovell14145
22Peter Shaw115822David Pretyman1145
23Geoffrey Griggs415923Matthew Connelly15145
24Tom North215924Marcus Wellington3145
25Gus Burrell515925Justin Jarrett8145
26Andy Hind415926Trevor Savage9146
27Craig O'keefe415927Richard Kube0146
28Jason Paul1016028Nathan Gatehouse-2146
29Justin Jarrett816129Stuart Randle5147
30Blake Wellington216130Ned Trewartha15147
31Mathew Keough616231Geoff Abbott17147
32Richard Denholm316232Geoffrey Cockerill14148
33Steven Payne1016333Peter Poke25148
34Mark Keough716334William Newham31148
35Robert Dyson516335Nicholas Clark10148
36Trevor Savage916436Aaron O'Neal10149
37Nathan Coad1016437Jack Lakin1149
38Robert Paul1316538Gus Burrell5149
39Garry Quarrell316639Scott Polley18149
40Garry Sargent416740Craig Hancock-4149
41Simon Direen716841Mark Schulze-1149
42Nicholas Clark1016842Chris Leu24149
43Aaron O'Neal1016943Mark Keough7149
44Braeden Page1417044Mathew Keough6150
45Anthony Webb1017045Michael Silk15150
46Geoff Flint817146Sean O'Neill14150
47Heath Lovell1417347Anthony Webb10150
48Andrew Wiggins617348Corey Baker12150
49Paul Beard617349Mark Hallam1150
50Reece Polley1917450Adrian Butt3150
51Corey Baker1217451Geoffrey Griggs4151
52Matthew Connelly1517552Rohan Clarke15151
53Geoffrey Cockerill1417653Matthew Glover-2151
54Tony Bradley1017654Marek Chabowski13151
55Tony Kay1117655Andy Hind4151
56Nigel Nicholls1017656Craig O'keefe4151
57Denis Lovell1117757Marcus Collis16152
58Ned Trewartha1517758Justin Blizzard25152
59Marek Chabowski1317759David Wood19152
60Mark Taylor1217760Troy Page15152
61Sean O'Neill1417861Hans Thogersen16152
62Wayne Darlington1018062Robert Dyson5153
63Michael Silk1518063Mark Taylor12153
64Brook Teale1118064Tony Kay11154
65Harvey Flakemore1118065Simon Direen7154
66Rohan Clarke1518166Graeme Millhouse20154
67Peter Burton1118167Denis Lovell11155
68Geoff Abbott1718168Tom North2155
69Patrick Kelly1318169Patrick Kelly13155
70Brendon Hills2118170Philip Gordon17155
71Alan Everson1018271Geoff Flint8155
72Troy Page1518272Richard Denholm3156
73Marcus Collis1618473Tony Bradley10156
74Hans Thogersen1618474Peter Shaw1156
75Scott Polley1818575Nigel Nicholls10156
76Graeme Cochrane1518776Graeme Cochrane15157
77Wayne Crawford1418777Joshua Hill-1157
78Stacey Woolley2218878Blake Wellington2157
79Jeremy Cracknell1418979Rene Hansen17157
80Philip Gordon1718980John Scott19158
81William Williamson2318981Michael Dredge22158
82Jacob Sale1018982Brook Teale11158
83David Wood1919083Harvey Flakemore11158
84Robert Griggs2519084Garry Sargent4159
85Rene Hansen1719185Peter Burton11159
86Jarrod Farrelly1319286Robin Hoare22159
87Graeme Millhouse2019487Garry Beaton19159
88Antony Bird1619688Wayne Crawford14159
89John Scott1919689Wayne Darlington10160
90Dean Knowles1619690Garry Quarrell3160
91Simon Duggan1619691Jeremy Cracknell14161
92Brett Millhouse1719792Andrew Wiggins6161
93Chris Leu2419793Paul Beard6161
94Garry Beaton1919794Chris Armstrong26162
95David Lowry1719895Alan Everson10162
96Peter Poke2519896Brett Millhouse17163
97Guy Wymer3220097Antony Bird16164
98Justin Blizzard2520298David Lowry17164
99Michael Dredge2220299Dean Knowles16164
100Robin Hoare22203100Simon Duggan16164