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Huon Valley Open 2022 Ladies Results

By January 17, 2022October 7th, 2022Featured, News

HV Open Ladies Champion

Karen Bannister of Royal Hobart – 80

HV Open Ladies Valley Cup Winner

Pauline Robertson of Huon Valley – 68

Nearest the Pins – 1st and 10th Holes

0-24 Diane Cook of Kingston Beach
25-45 Kathryn Gardner of Tea Tree

Nearest the Pins – 6th and 15th Holes

0-24 Lisa Blackwood of Claremont
25-45 Margaret Hazelwood of Claremont

Division 1

Gross Runner Up Ann Medlycot Royal Hobart 84
Gross Winner Sue Richardson Richmond 83
Nett Runner Up Sue Richardson Richmond 72
Nett Winner Lisa Blackwood Claremont 72 c/b

Division 2

Gross Runner Up Mandy Lovell Geeveston 93
Gross Winner Nikki Stuart New Town Bay 90
Nett Runner Up Mandy Lovell Geeveston 70
Nett Winner Nikki Stuart New Town Bay 69

Division 3

Gross Runner Up Pauline Jenkins Colebrook 107
Gross Winner Di Hardwood Richmond 107 c/b
Nett Runner Up Janet Walter Huon Valley 71
Nett Winner  Di Hardwood Richmond 69

Singles Scratch – Placings

1Karen Bannister (from Royal Hobart GC)80 {+8}
2Susanne Richardson (from Richmond GC (Tas))83 {+11}
3Anne Medlycott (from Royal Hobart GC)84 {+12}
4Leeza Walker84 {+12}
5Lisa Blackwood (from Claremont GC)87 {+15}
6Carolyn Mason (from Kingston Beach GC)89 {+17}
7Wendy Davidson (from Royal Hobart GC)89 {+17}
8Raelene Hayes (from Warooka GC)89 {+17}
9Nikki Stuart (from New Town Bay GC)90 {+18}
10Ann Forward (from Llanherne GC)91 {+19}
11Debbie Taylor (from Royal Hobart GC)91 {+19}
12Kerry Clarke (from Royal Hobart GC)91 {+19}
13KAREN BOND (from Nedlands GC)91 {+19}
14Ingrid Lockwood92 {+20}
15Nicola Chapman (from Tasmania GC)93 {+21}
16Mandy Lovell (from Geeveston GC)93 {+21}
17Merinda Williams (from Claremont GC)94 {+22}
18Di Horne (from New Town Bay GC)94 {+22}
19Diane Cook (from Kingston Beach GC)95 {+23}
20Robyn Heron (from Llanherne GC)95 {+23}
21Colleen Frost96 {+24}
22Christine Dwyer (from Kingston Beach GC)96 {+24}
23Valerie Reid (from Pittwater GC)97 {+25}
24Jann Henebury (from Kingston Beach GC)97 {+25}
25Pauline Robertson99 {+27}
26Jill Baker (from Llanherne GC)99 {+27}
27Susan Clark100 {+28}
28Dianne Males (from Kingston Beach GC)101 {+29}
29Moira Mahony (from Llanherne GC)102 {+30}
30Penny Barnby (from Geeveston GC)104 {+32}
31Marion Hagenvoort (from Pittwater GC)104 {+32}
32Gillian Downey (from Pittwater GC)104 {+32}
33Joan Baldry (from Royal Sydney GC)105 {+33}
34Barbara Pretyman (from Kingston Beach GC)106 {+34}
35Elizabeth Collins (from North West Bay GC)106 {+34}
36Dianne Harwood (from Richmond GC (Tas))107 {+35}
37Dianne Bailey (from Richmond GC (Tas))107 {+35}
38Merran Hill (from Claremont GC)107 {+35}
39PAULINE JENKINS (from Colebrook GC)107 {+35}
40Lois Ryan (from Kingston Beach GC)108 {+36}
41Leonie Perriman (from Claremont GC)108 {+36}
42KATHRYN GARDNER (from Tea Tree GC)109 {+37}
43Judith Cooper (from North West Bay GC)109 {+37}
44MARIE MAGILL (from Tea Tree GC)113 {+41}
45Margaret Hazelwood (from Claremont GC)115 {+43}
46Penny Fielding (from Geeveston GC)115 {+43}
47Jillian Hilliard117 {+45}
48Pat Donaghy (from Kingston Beach GC)117 {+45}
49Maggie Aird (from New Town Bay GC)118 {+46}
50Judy Fehlberg (from Richmond GC (Tas))121 {+49}
51Janet Walter121 {+49}
52MARGARET KING (from Tea Tree GC)122 {+50}
53Leanne Scott (from Geeveston GC)125 {+53}
54Nalda Jones (from Geeveston GC)144 {+72}