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Mens Masters

By March 13, 2015March 15th, 2015Featured, Results


13 March 2015

Mens 55-59

NameDaily HandicapGA HandicapGross ScoreClub
Riseley, Steven1413.984Dover GC
Clark, Nicholas109.387Huon Valley GC
Turner, James1716.989Richmond GC
Trewartha, Ned1615.391Huon Valley GC

55-59 Winners

Gross Winner: Nick Clark (87)
Nett Winner: Steven Risely (70)

Mens 60-64

NameDaily HandicapGA HandicapGross ScoreClub
Randle, Stuart43.777Huon Valley GC
Dodge, Geoffrey54.780Claremont GC
Dodge, Steven88.082Claremont GC
Mckibben, Paul1212.084Geeveston GC
Hudson, Douglas1110.485Huon Valley GC
Jones, Rodney1716.185Claremont GC
Lynch, Michael1615.485Richmond GC
Cockerill, Geoffrey1514.397Huon Valley GC
Ray, Steven2221.4104Huon Valley GC

60-64 Winners

Gross Winner: Stuart Randle (77)
Nett Winner: Rodney Jones (68)

Mens 65-69

NameDaily HandicapGA HandicapGross ScoreClub
Wellington, Bill32.975Huon Valley GC
Kelly, Dennis55.278Huon Valley GC
Rider, Ian1110.883Pittwater GC
Claughton, Gary1918.886Dover GC
Griggs, Michael1413.590Huon Valley GC
Peterson, Paul1918.592Huon Valley GC
Lowry, David1817.692New Norfolk GC
Woolley, Stacey2120.693Huon Valley GC
Walker, John2221.297Huon Valley GC
Holley, John2524.899New Town Bay GC
Hoare, Robin2322.599New Norfolk GC

65-69 Winners

Gross Winner: Bill Wellington (75)
Nett Winner: Gary Claughton (67)

Mens 70-74

NameDaily HandicapGA HandicapGross ScoreClub
James, Jimmy1212.186Huon Valley GC
Barwick, Stephen1514.687Elderslie GC
Everson, Alan109.588Huon Valley GC
Avery, Bruce1716.689Huon Valley GC
Shacklady, Barry2423.393New Town Bay GC
Hills, Brendon2322.7100Geeveston
Le Messurier, Paul2827.6101Echunga GC

70-74 Winners

Gross Winner: Jimmy James (86)
Nett Winner: Barry Shacklady (69)

Mens 75-79

NameDaily HandicapGA HandicapGross ScoreClub
Barwick, Robert1110.985Huon Valley GC
Rolls, Brian1716.585Huon Valley GC
Millhouse, Graeme1514.386Huon Valley GC
O' Neill, Des2524.395New Norfolk GC
Bennett, Bill1818.096Dover GC
Townsend, Barrie3028.996North West Bay GC
Roberts, Brian1817.897Kingston Beach GC
Shirley, David2524.0101Mt Martha GC
Rice, Bob1918.8105New Norfolk GC

75-79 Winners

Gross Winner: John Barwick (85)
Nett Winner: Barrie Townsend (66)

Mens 80+

NameDaily HandicapGA HandicapGross ScoreClub
Meers, John1514.390Huon Valley GC
Ball, Peter1514.590North West Bay GC
Jones, William3433.199Colebrook GC
Wilson, Dennis2827.4100Huon Valley GC
Tanner, Ron3029.0102Colebrook GC
Duggan, Alan2322.2103Huon Valley GC

80+ Winners

Gross Winner: John Meers (90)
Nett Winner: William Jones (65)

Nearest to the Pins

1st Hole Visitor: R Jones
1st Hole Club: N Trewartha
10th Hole Club: N Clark
6th Hole Visitor: S Risely
6th Hole Club: S Ray
15th Hole Club: N Clark